How we can help streamline your outgoings



Running a business means taking on a lot of responsibility – you have to make sure that every employee has what they need to work effectively without breaking the budget. It’s a bit like spinning plates – you need to balance everything absolutely perfectly. 


You’re also responsible for maintaining cost-effectiveness and efficiency right down to the smallest, most seemingly-inconsequential aspects of your office. Running a business means managing expenses, looking after your workforce, and more. Who’s got time to find the best deals on janitorial supplies, stationery, and office furniture? 1-Bill’s got the time to help with these expenses. We understand that it can be easy to overlook some services – but you could be maximising your efficiency and saving costs by making sure only the best deals make it into your business. 


Of course, this takes time. If the best deals were easy to find, then there would be nothing to worry about. But we’ve got a lot of experience delivering businesses with the services they need to keep ticking, so we know that the best deals are hiding out there. It might not seem important, but even the smallest cost-cutting can add up and make a huge difference.


We provide a simple service here at 1-Bill. All you need to do is get in touch with a request, and we’ll set about finding the best deal for your business. We’ll speak to suppliers on your behalf and, because of our reputation and experience buying in bulk, we’re able to secure prices on average 6-7% cheaper than what’s available independently. 


If you want to secure deals on your business services while saving time and money, then the 1-Bill service is the right fit for your business. We can deliver amazing deals that streamline your business expenses and boost efficiency. Some of the business services we can supply include: 


  • Janitorial supplies
  • Office furniture 
  • Office supplies and stationery
  • Scanning & shredding
  • Workwear & PPE


Interested? Just get in touch with us here at 1-Bill to discover more about how our service works, and why it will save you time and money.