If you spend your time running a business, then you know how time-consuming, frustrating, and stressful it can be. Every owner wants their business to run faster, more efficiently, more easily, and overall more cost-effectively. Here at 1-Bill, our dedication is to help you achieve this through our great service. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have a partner that takes care of expense management, negotiates and secures beneficial deals on services, offers expert advice, and is only there exactly when you need them? Our aim at 1-Bill is to be this partner to your business, helping to facilitate further success and growth without getting in your way. You may be wondering whether our service is right for your business – let’s take a look at some of the reasons that we think the 1-Bill service can help.


Save Time



Ever thought about how great it would be to have one point of contact and just one monthly invoice for your business services? As a business owner, there’s no doubt you understand how much time that would save you. That’s what we do here at 1-Bill – we cut the fat out of your monthly processes by taking on all the tasks you’re too busy for. 

When you’re running a business, your time is valuable. You need to dedicate as much time and effort as possible to nurturing and growing your business. That’s where the little things get in the way. 

Have you ever been frustrated trying to find a good deal for stationery and office supplies, knowing that your time should be spent elsewhere? Do you ever get stressed out having to sift through reams of paperwork and invoices at the end of each month? 1-Bill can take those things off your hands, giving you the breathing room both you and your business need. 

All you need to do is to contact 1-Bill when you need something. We’ll then take things off your hands by speaking to suppliers, negotiating, and securing deals on your behalf. You’ll then receive a recommended shortlist for you to choose from. Once you’ve decided on a service and deal, we’ll arrange everything for you. And then, at the end of the month, you get one single invoice for all your expenses. What could be simpler?


Save Money



As a business owner, you’re responsible for controlling the flow of money in and out of your business. Every chance to cut costs and expenses should be taken, but it’s not always that easy. Negotiating beneficial deals with suppliers and hunting the market for opportunities takes time. 1-Bill can not only save you time by taking these responsibilities off your hands, but can also save you money by securing the best deals possible.

We have expert suppliers for any business service. With an average of around 20 years of experience in each category of service they oversee, our team really knows the market they work in. Want to spend less time comparing prices? Our experts will do it for you.

1-Bill also boasts impressive buying power. Buying in bulk for a number of businesses at a time allows us to secure cheaper deals than an individual business could find on their own. On average, we obtain prices around 6-7% cheaper. 

Get In Touch

Would you like to spend less time each month negotiating deals and dealing with invoices and paperwork, while knowing that only the best and most beneficial deals are coming into your business? Just get in touch with us today to find out more about the amazing 1-Bill service. Discover how we can be a trusted partner that helps support you in building the future of your business.