We take the stress out of running the essentials


Having the right utilities for your business isn’t something you can really cope without. When it comes to your gas, energy, water, and electricity, you’re talking about the absolute necessities that your business needs to run and function efficiently. As a business owner, you want solutions that meet all your needs without breaking the bank – you want streamlined and cost-effective utilities.


But finding the time to search the market for the best suppliers and then negotiating a deal that suits your business needs is difficult. After all, running a business means taking on a lot of different responsibilities. Fortunately, 1-Bill delivers a service that can find these deals for you, saving you time and money in the long run. 


If the prospect of saving time and money while finding the deals you need interests you, then the chances are that 1-Bill are going to be a great fit for your company. Whether you’re after new renewable energy solutions, entirely new utility connections, or energy efficiency methods, then we can take things off your hands and secure a deal that benefits you. 


How does it work? Well, just tell us what you need. Then we’ll head out, research the market, and speak to and negotiate with suppliers on your behalf. We’ll bring back a shortlist of quotes and recommendations that we think will benefit your business. Then it’s your decision, and we’ll secure the deal when you’re happy. 


We’ve got a lot of experience matching businesses from a range of different industries with the services they need. Our reputation and insight mean that no one is better placed to identify and negotiate the best deals for you. Some of the utility services we can supply include:


  • Electricity
  • Energy efficiency
  • Gas
  • LED lighting
  • Renewable energy
  • Voltage optimisation


Looking for utility services but don’t have the time to search for the most cost-effective deals out there? Don’t worry – 1-Bill is here to help. Just contact the amazing team here and discover how we can transform your expense manage, help you to cut costs, and save you time while we do!