Most small and mid-sized businesses lack the resources to fund departments devoted to procuring products and services that will serve the rest of the organisation. Much of the time, tasks like procuring new furniture for a new branch or upgrading to a better Wi-Fi provider are handled by the business owner; or other staff members who should really be focused on more income-generating activities.

When such tasks are not your core business or speciality, there is an increased risk of making a mistake. Without requisite experience or knowledge, it can be challenging to identify suitable suppliers and negotiate for optimal rates. Engaging a lousy provider or finding yourself paying above the norm prices can become a harsh experience.

Are You Wasting Time and Money?

The problem becomes further complicated when you have multiple such expenses from various suppliers to contend with. Not only are you wasting time and money on tasks that are draining your resources, but you also have less time to focus on what will keep your operations profitable. This is where 1-Bill comes in to save the day. 

We have made it our business to help other businesses better manage their expenses. Our team is specialised in procurement and expense management. We cover a wide selection of service sectors including communications, utilities, transportation, and compliance, to name a few. We take our clients through a simple and streamlined process that makes fulfilling these tasks quick and easy.

The 1-Bill Process

Once you have joined our service, the next step is to identify whatever product or service that you need us to procure on your behalf. Our business expense manager may request additional information to get a clearer picture as to what exactly you need. From here, we will make use of research, our knowledge, and contacts within the business services industry to identify suitable suppliers that can meet this need. 

Our expertise will ensure that you get a reasonable selection of well-negotiated quotes to choose from. Because we handle procurement for many businesses, our economies of scale make us well-positioned to negotiate for better deals. We will also offer some recommendations so you can better assess the suppliers on offer and arrive at the best-informed choice.

When you have made your decision, we will go ahead with the order and ensure that the terms are fully complied with.  While some business services, such as utilities, will require you to pay the supplier directly, others will be handled by us. Even with multiple services rendered, we will submit to you a single invoice at the end of the month. This saves you having to tackle multiple invoices and mountains of paperwork, arriving at any and all times. 

The Ideal Business Partner

This easy payment arrangement is what makes 1-Bill the ideal business partner, catering to all your procurement and business service needs. While we take on the worry of ensuring your business has all it needs to run smoothly, you get to focus on growing your operations and revenues. You get to outsource the work that an entire department would do, at just a fraction of the cost. Partnering with 1-Bill will be the best business decision you will ever make.

Benefits to be derived include:

  • Single point of contact for all your procurement and business service needs
  • Industry experts to identify qualified suppliers
  • Expert negotiation to ensure maximum value for money
  • Simplified once monthly invoice payment for services rendered
  • More time to focus on your core business and generate higher income

With our extensive industry contacts, superior negotiating capability, and huge client portfolio, we have become a well-recognised procurement provider. We leverage on this to ensure that our clients secure the best possible prices on whatever products and services they need. We do all the legwork, so you get to enjoy the best rates possible in the market. 

Want to Know More? Get in Touch Today!

At 1-Bill we take on the stress of handling the challenges of your business expenses, so you do not have to. Partner with us today to enjoy great discounts on products and services negotiated for on your behalf by our highly experienced and talented team.

Driven by a passion to help you take your business to the next level, 1-Bill will deliver fast and efficient procurements and easy business expense management services, when and where you need them.